01 October 2009

History shmistory

I woke up this morning, walked to Italian class, then got some coffee and a pastry since Italians don't eat breakfast. Then I went to my art history class where we proceeded to go to the Santa Croce church built in the 13th century where Michealangelo and Galileo were buried. No big deal.

Kinder Bueno

I woke up saturday to another text message: "Corey! Come to Siena with us today!". That sounds like fun. With my camera all charged up I met up with a whole group of people and we went to the train station and once again, barely made our train. Luckily this time I had my ticket validated. After our train party we made it to Siena. It's nice when there's so many destinations that are within 2 hours of where you live. Siena was only 1 hour. We made it and had no Idea where to go. Word on the street was that we go up the road and then go up the hill. I'm glad we got such detailed directions... Turns out there's more than 1 hill in Siena. But let me be the first to tell you that getting lost in Italy isn't so bad. Getting there is half the fun right? Totally true. After walking around for a bit and taking in the view overlooking the city (since we were on one of the many hills) we used our horrible Italian to ask for directions. We took quite a big detour but it was nice. We finally made it to "the sink" in front of the church and sat down for lunch. The waiter didn't like us much. I don't know why. Some Italians are so grumpy. Once we had lunch we got some gelato and walked to the duomo. It was probably the coolest duomo I've seen so far. It had pink and white marble and really cool architecture. We tried to go inside but it was 15 euros and no one wanted to pay that. Maybe next time. We walked behind it and sat down for a break on the steps then continued through the streets. It started to rain a bit but it was really hot so it was a nice break. We eventually found this steep street we walked down that overlooked more of the city. That was neat. The sun was about to start going down and we were all pretty tired so we walked back to the train station. It was hard to get back though cause everyone told us to take a bus cause it was too far to walk. We finally made it and just in time because it started pouring rain. I was also introduced to Kinder Bueno candy bars. It's like a kit kat but with Nutella. Best thing ever. This was when I wasn't starting to feel well, but everyone was going to club space so I went too but I was turned down at the door because they thought I was Italian and wanted to let the international students in first. Then I went to bed. The end.