04 March 2010

Clueless and Shoeless

You know those short periods when there seems to be a reoccurring theme in your everyday life? Something so minutiae that you wander past it without realizing until it's repeated over and over coming to your realization of it's presence or significance? It happens to me all the time with different things but lately this reoccurring theme has been with shoes. I see it, hear it, and read about them everywhere now. It all started last week when I decided I'm simply just over shoes. I enjoy feeling the different temperatures and textures of the ground underneath the underrated little gems that allow me so many pleasures in life… Plus I don’t have to put them on anytime I want to go anywhere. I've just seen little importance in wearing them. Therefore lately I've only worn shoes when it's needed... I agree it's unacceptable to not wear shoes in certain settings, so that's why I say when it's needed... When I was younger I overheard someone say in Raley's that the shoes a person wears can tell a lot about them. So what if I'm not wearing shoes? Take that society! Anyways, back to my reoccurring themes. First, I haven't been wearing shoes lately. Then I start overhearing people talking about their new shoes. Also I was reading this book called Ishi for my Indians of California class. He was a wild Indian who was basically introduced into modern society… He adapted with everything except he refused to wear shoes. He says “walking on [the ground] all the time, I would wear shoes out, but my feet will never wear out”. I like this mentality. It’s so true. Anyways, I’m amazed to see how many comments I get on my lack of shoes. It really surprises people that I'm not wearing them which really surprises me. The other day on campus one of my friends said to me, "I think I would not wear shoes if more people did it". For some reason this kind of got to me because of how people are afraid of the element of surprise and individuality in society... We're always taught when we were younger to be yourself and to be an individual... But it really seems like everyone is trying to be an individual, which kind of renders the individuality concept invalid. Do as everyone else and be different. Society is so used to following trends and socially acceptable aspects of our culture, that we begin to fear and reject difference. We no longer strive for creativity, but for safety. We no longer strive to achieve, but to stay in the shadows and do as everyone else. We’re so afraid of putting ourselves out there because we fear rejection and want to be accepted at all costs, therefore losing sight of ourselves. We become what society wants us to be while still wanting to be an “individual”. For this very reason I feel the spectrum of individuality, creativity, and originality is diminishing. So take off your shoes before everyone has the same shoes.