05 February 2010

Dreams are for dancers.

You know those days where you just feel really creative and adventurous? I love those days. One day last Spring I had nothing to do and I had that feeling, so I grabbed my 40D and drove with no intended destination. Just drove streets I've never driven. That road looks cool, I'll drive down it. I did that all day and stopped to take pictures of things that looked worthy and interesting. I found this really fun whoopdidoo road, found some cool factory, and eventually found myself in Long Beach. Don't ask why but this is one of my favorite pictures I've taken. I was driving and I rolled down the window and blindly took this. It just looks simple and classic.

Anyways, today was another one of those days, except it was met with great failure. I woke up to rain pounding against my window and remembered my car was at Adam's house. So I waited for it to slow down and eventually walked over to his place. First stop was the art store to get marker paper for my class, and found out they didn't carry it anymore. Second stop was the bank to exchange euros, but found out they don't accept currency after 2. No big deal though. Next I went to Michaels to get art and craft supplies so I could take advantage of my creative energy to make necklaces and bracelets and drawings. After roaming for an hour I was just walking to the check out and... boom! Power outage. So I had them hold my stuff behind the counter. After that I tried going to a thrift store but they were closed. Surprisingly though I had a really good day.

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  1. I really like this pic! It's subtly is nice for a change, you know? I think it says a thousand words a minute and doesn't need 2 B loud in order to be looked at in adoration.. sort of like the day you had, huh?..

    Very nice!
    Yazzie :)