19 February 2010

Sundance Kids.

The end was drawing near. I had just graduated high school and was trying to make the most of what would be my last Summer in Tahoe. This had been my home for the last 17 years, and as the days closed in behind me I felt myself feeling increasingly nervous yet excited for some major life changes. I was leaving the land of luscious white snow and brilliant blue waters to travel to the mystic land of sun and surf. For most people its the other way around.
Anyways, one Saturday afternoon David, Erik and I set out on a short drive to Spooner Lake to take pictures. We walked around aimlessly for hours snapping shots of time. I remember many details of what happened that day but I do remember it was a lot of fun. But then we got hungry so we went to super taco.
In more current news of life, I've been really busy with... life. I've decided school has a hidden objective to prevent you from sleeping. But school is fun. I'm learning in my Indians of California class about observation. They were able to conclude that the Earth rotated around the sun and could very accurately tell the day of the year just by sitting in the same spot every sunrise and sunset for a year or more. Just sit there and observe the position. I wish things were still like that. I was reading a philosophy article the other day that talked about how in today's society, more is less. We have so many choices and decisions and things to do and people to see that our mind is constantly concentrated on desires and the future that we can't fully enjoy the present. The quality of life is overshadowed by the quantity of "stuff". We're always thinking about the alternative. I found this interesting. I think we should all get up and observe the sunrise and sunset like the Native Americans. In fact I think we should just live like the Native Americans. They seemed so much more in tune with life and nature. And I would like to wear Indian jewelry, moccasins, and feathered headdresses all the time too.


  1. Today's society pushes forward the most progressive of mindsets: work more, get more. it's misconceived that working hard to get more will make you happy and fulfill your life. It won't! So learn and be happy you are doing so! And when you wake up in the morning be overwhelmed with the fact that your alive and you get a day to live and breathe and observe! Say "Fuck Today's Society AND the Progressive Mindset!"

    <3 <3 yew BFF